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Travel Without a Suitcase On Your Next Trip

Get everything you need for your trip, without having to prepare it

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What Is Fleet?

Traveling with a suitcase is a hassle, time-consuming, and stressful.

We want you to be free to enjoy travelling without the baggage. Our service allows you to rent what you want for your trip. Just pick out your travel wardrobe using our app, and we’ll make sure it’s waiting for you on arrival at your destination. No need to pack, and no need to pay to check your bag.

When the trip is over, just leave everything behind. We’ll take care of the dirty laundry.

Imagine walking out of the airport when you arrive without baggage, ready to start your vacation immediately. That’s Fleet.

How Does It Work?

fleet don't pack pick

Don't Pack, Pick

Before your trip just open our app on your phone and select everything you’ll need for your trip from a bottomless closet of top brands you already know and love. Baggage restrictions are a thing of the past, take as many clothes as you like.

fleet leave your baggage behind you

Leave Your Baggage Behind You, Literally

You don’t have a bag, so forget about lugging it on the bus. Skip the check-in lines and go straight to your gate. Stop worrying about whether your bag will have made it. And no more fighting about the overhead bins.
fleet maximize your time

Maximize Your Time

No more waiting for your stuff at the carrousel. Go straight from the airport to enjoying your trip, and your stuff will be waiting for you at your accommodation when you head back. At the end of your stay leave it behind and we’ll take care of the rest, so enjoy the night off at home.

Why Use Fleet

waiting icon

No Waiting

Maximize your trip by minimizing your time at the airport. Avoid the check-in lines and baggage carrousel, and don’t waste hours at the gate.

stress icon

No Stress

Make packing something you do on your commute. Forget about wondering if your bag will have made it.

hassle icon

No Hassle

Your bag doesn’t have to be your problem. You don’t have to lug your baggage around on public transit or while you’re enjoying the sites.

luggage scale

No Compromises

You won’t have to worry about whether your clothes fit or you have the right ones for where you’re headed.

How Much Does It Cost?

What Does This Get Me?

closet icon

As many clothes as fit in a standard suitcase, without worrying about the weight.

coat icon

Outfits that match the weather and temperatures of your destination.

calendar icon

Keep the contents of your suitcase for as long as you need.

toothbrush icon

A toiletry case with all of the essentials for your trip.

relaxing icon

The peace of mind of not worrying about packing, transportation, or mishandled baggage.

Forget packing

Forget carrying

Forget waiting

Forget washing

Just remember us